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Lo Carb Cream of Chicken Surprise

I hate paying $2 for a can of cream of chicken soup. I hate the carbs in the canned kind even more. This recipe came about when I added a little too much water to my mashed “fauxtatoes.” Cauliflower is a common potato substitute in the THM and low-carb world. I would never have believed […]

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Okra and Tomatoes

Summer’s Bounty is upon us! It’s no secret that I love okra. I especially love grilled baby okra, but that is a lesson for another day. Today, we are making a Southern classic- Okra and Tomatoes. I will even include vegetarian options. Let’s get started! Enjoy- The Homesteader’s Wife
I’m a good cook, but I am […]

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There are a few foods that remind me of my childhood. Chorizo and eggs used to be my FAVORITE breakfast…UNTIL I learned to read the ingredient’s list. Pork lymph nodes and salivary glands???? Ummmm…no thanks. Now, I will say that I under the circumstance of a zombie apocalypse, I would eat store bought chorizo- otherwise, […]

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Fermented Pickles: The Experiment and Experience

First let me start by saying, “Hello, my name is Kadee, and I am a pickle snob.” I like those expensive refrigerated pickles; the limp heat processed one are deplorable- in my opinion. Yes, I’ll eat the thinly sliced pickle chips that come on a Sonic burger, but it doesn’t mean that I like them. […]

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Lemon Curd

Lemons are my go to fruit this year. I’ve been using them in everything! I love their bright notes, and they seem to help ease my Spring Fever! Lately, I’ve been baking up a storm, and made a version of cupcakes that seemed more like muffins to me…I am tired of cream cheese frosting and […]

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Italian Cream Cake

Now that winter is here, I can get some real baking done! For those of you that don’t know, I don’t have central heat and air here on the farm, so I don’t bake in the summer. Anywho, I digress- Italian Cream Cake…Mmmmmm. It’s a standard in the South. I will NOT be limited on […]

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Mexican Cornbread

Y’all, I have seriously been craving some cornbread lately. I been experimenting with gluten free baking and this is spot on. It tastes like the stuff you’re used to. It is an S- yes…even with the masa flour. There is only a ¼ of a cup in the whole batch. This recipe makes a 13×9” […]

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Pumpkin Muffins

Everyone is on the pumpkin craze train, so I figured I might as well jump on too. These muffins are quite filling and in hind sight- I should have made them smaller or used a loaf pan. I believe in using what you have on hand, so my one cup of almond flour was really […]

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Flour-less Chocolate Cake

I have been wanting something chocolatey…not just anything. Something truffle-like, rich, fudgey, and I can’t figure out what I want!!! HOLD the PRESSES!! I remembered this cake I had in Atlanta a few years back during the Easter season. It was from this Kosher deli- I want THAT!!! Hmm….Google Jewish chocolate cake- no leavening…BINGO! The […]

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THM Yummies

Remember those no bake peanut butter / corn flake cookies from the 70’s? My mom used to make them at Christmas. I loved those things!! One of the ladies from a Facebook group had a little mishap in the kitchen. It turns out her faux pas was like when, “Someone got their peanut butter on […]

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