My mother will verify, I am the worse when it comes to sewing buttons and button holes. I can do it, I just put it off, and that’;s what makes me the worst. Right now, I have a stack of shirts and pants that need their buttons replaced and a jar of abandoned buttons sitting on my dryer. *Deep Sigh* Since I have nothing else to do…insert hysterical laughter, I am determined to tackle my mound of mending. It is either that or wait until momma comes by… Wonder if she wants to have lunch soon? I’ll buy! Enjoy – The Homesteader’s Wife

1. Take twelve inches of thread, knotted securely at one end, and thread your needle. Make a single stitch in the shirt in line with the row of buttons, about ⅛ inch long, and then make another stitch perpendicular to the first.

2. Hold the button about ⅛ inch away from the shirt and thread the needle up through one hole in the button and down the diagonally opposite hole. Do the same with the other holes and then repeat four times.

3. Wrap the thread tightly around the ⅛-inch shank that has been created between the button and the cloth to create a tight pillar.

4. Push the needle through this pillar a few times and cut the thread close to it.

5. Button up.