Growing Asparagus

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love asparagus. Not just to eat, but the romantic notion of it. Every year, I plant a few more crowns of asparagus; it has become almost a rite of spring. Asparagus grows for generations and to me, it feels as though each crown I plant is […]

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Salad Bowls: Container Gardening

Basically, you will plant a bunch of different lettuces and greens in containers. Start your seeds now, and by the time people start getting the gardening itch- you’ll be ready. Don’t let limited garden space stop you from growing vegetables this winter and spring. Many cool season crops are easy to grow in containers and […]

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Seed Catalogs and Dreams of Spring

Somewhere in a dimly lit church basement, there is a group of people sitting in a circle, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and sharing their addiction stories. Hello, I’m the homesteader’s wife, and I am addicted to seed catalogs. The seed catalogs keep coming. The more I fight the urge to oogle the images of “teacup […]

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