How to Cut-up a Whole Chicken

If you aren’t going to roast or grill a whole bird, it needs to be cut up and here is how ya do it. You’ll get 2 breast halves, 2 thighs, 2 drumsticks, 2 wings, and the back bone. Special thanks to the folks over at Eatin’ Well- Enjoy – The Homesteader’s Wife

Lay the bird […]

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Washing Soda Hacks

Washing soda is a naturally occurring, highly alkaline chemical compound. It’s kinda like baking soda but harsher; this makes it great for deep cleaning or heavy-duty jobs such as descaling bathroom tiles or stripping floors of wax. Its high pH level is what give washing soda its natural cleaning power, but it is also caustic. […]

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Emergency Substitutions

1 egg (for baking) = 2 egg yolks or an egg-sized dollop of mayonnaise.

1 cup cake flour = 2 tablespoons cornstarch the fill with all-purpose flour (AP) to one cup.

1 tsp dry mustard = 1 T prepared mustard

1 cup butter = 1 cup coconut oil, lard or shortening and ½ tsp salt.

1 c. corn syrup […]

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Homemade mayonnaise

I like mayo- no sense in lying, but I like one particular brand. Since they are sponsoring me, I am not gonna name names. If you haven’t noticed mayonnaise is getting expensive. Hmmmm… now that I have learned how easy it is to make and how much better it tastes- I will never buy it […]

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Dry Canning

When flour goes on sale towards the holidays, I stock up for the year because I can buy the “Good” flour at almost half off- who doesn’t like to save money? But the problem was…where do you keep 100 pounds of flour safely and away from bugs??? Hmm…I tried freezing it, but that took up […]

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Homemade Lotion Bars

Forget spending a fortune on those “Lush”ious lotion bars! You can make them at home and they are super easy squeezy. Just melt, pour, and allow to set. I prefer to use the rectangle soap molds because the bars fit in old Altoid tins- Have Fun and Enjoy- The Homesteader’s Wife

8 ounces coconut oil
16 ounces […]

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