Never buy Yogurt Again

One of my favorite snacks is plain yogurt, berries, and a drizzle of raw honey, but I have been known to skip the fruit and go with walnuts and honey. I like to make a few jars and store in the fridge at work for a handy and healthy treat. Have you seen the price […]

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Fire and Ice Salad

Fire and Ice Summer Salad

One my kiddos’ favorite ways to eat cucumbers is with rice wine vinegar. This happens to be my favorite way! It’s a great way to use your summer harvest of fresh heirloom tomatoes, colored bell peppers, cucumbers and jalapenos. Cucumber salad is another southern favorite. When the thermometer reads 100 and […]

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Pressure Canning Meat

Canning meat (beef, elk, deer, pork, rabbit, chicken, rattle snake, or whatever else your bunch eats) is so easy. Yes, it is time consuming. Yes, it tastes a little different than fresh cooked meat. Yes using the raw pack method does create its own juices. Yes, it’s safe. Yes, you can use it in any […]

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Growing Asparagus

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love asparagus. Not just to eat, but the romantic notion of it. Every year, I plant a few more crowns of asparagus; it has become almost a rite of spring. Asparagus grows for generations and to me, it feels as though each crown I plant is […]

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Forgaging for Wild Asparagus

I grew up with a dad who was well versed in what to eat (and what not to eat!) from the woods, the yard, and even the roadsides. Eating berries from the hillside and mushrooms from deep in the woods is one of the great pleasures in life! If you didn’t grow up with wild […]

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The Magic of Raw Honey

I never thought I would say this, but maybe Winnie the Pooh was right…everyone should eat more honey. Honey has been known for its healing properties for thousands of years – the Ancient Greeks used it, honey has been found in Egyptian tombs, and mead dates back 20,000 years to nomads in Africa. During the […]

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Salad Bowls: Container Gardening

Basically, you will plant a bunch of different lettuces and greens in containers. Start your seeds now, and by the time people start getting the gardening itch- you’ll be ready. Don’t let limited garden space stop you from growing vegetables this winter and spring. Many cool season crops are easy to grow in containers and […]

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Seed Catalogs and Dreams of Spring

Somewhere in a dimly lit church basement, there is a group of people sitting in a circle, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and sharing their addiction stories. Hello, I’m the homesteader’s wife, and I am addicted to seed catalogs. The seed catalogs keep coming. The more I fight the urge to oogle the images of “teacup […]

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What is a Homestead?

December has had a temporary calming effect here on the farm; I’ve had some time to reflect on things. Ironically, my daughter who is opposed to “labeling” people and pigeon-holing asked if we were a homestead or a farm. Hmm… I did not have a good answer for her. Tax wise, we get certain exemptions […]

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