What does a sock and a light-bulb have in common? Well, if you have the bright idea of mending you favorite woolies, that light bulb will come in handy. And not just for shedding light on the subject.


Slip the light bulb inside the sock and center the hole over the bulb. Thread your needle with single strand of matching thread and knot one end.


Stitch a criss cross pattern across the hole two or three times and then pull the stitches tightly but carefully. That will ring in all the sides of the hole and not create a lumpy seam.


Continue taking stitches back and forth in a left, right, top, bottom pattern until the hole is closed and the repair is smooth.  Tie the knot and snip the threads.


You may want to put a dab of clear fingernail polish on the mended spot to secure the fibers of the sock and prevent a run.

sock 5