Lemons are my go to fruit this year. I’ve been using them in everything! I love their bright notes, and they seem to help ease my Spring Fever! Lately, I’ve been baking up a storm, and made a version of cupcakes that seemed more like muffins to me…I am tired of cream cheese frosting and wanted to add something to help these muffin/cupcakes. This really did the trick! The curd is versatile and can be used as fillings for cakes, spread on toast, as a topping for cheese cake, or piped into a meringue cloud. Happy Spring and Enjoy! – The Homesteader’s Wife


Whatcha Need:

1/4 pound butter
1/8 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 cup lemon juice
5 large eggs
1 cup xylitol
1 tsp lemon extract

Whatcha Do:

Cut butter into pieces and place into heavy bottom sauce pan- begin to melt over low heat. Meanwhile in a stand mixer, mix eggs, sweetener, and salt until frothy. Add lemon juice and mix well. Slowly, whisk egg mixture into melting butter. Continue to whisk curd and slowly increase heat to medium. Whisk continuously- until thick. It will coat the back of a spoon and continue to thicken as it cools. Do Not boil! Temp will be about 170. Remove from heat and whisk in lemon extract. I have used lemon e.o., but my extract was in arm’s reach…Place into container with lid to prevent skin from forming. I use this over white cakes, as filling for muffins, or as topping for cheesecake.

IF you end up with scrambled eggs- no fear… Cool slightly, transfer curd into bullet type blender, and process until smooth.





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